Animalis Centrum n♥ kill shelter

NO KILL shelter Animalis Centrum was built and registered in October 2014 as the first and only(still!) animal shelter in Split-Dalmatia County. In the beginning the shelter had the capacity for approximately 30 dogs and 20 cats, over the years it has slowly expanded and today it has the capacity for around 90 dogs and 40 cats. Since the shelter opened in 2014 it has helped more than 2,500 animals, mostly dogs and cats. The shelter has a small team of staff who make sure that all the animals are properly looked after on a daily basis. All the veterinary procedures are done by ”Veterinary clinic Filipović” who also strongly contributed to the founding of the shelter and its ongoing work.

All adult animals in the shelter are spayed/neutered as part of the regulations of the shelter. Animals that were adopted at a young age are obliged to be fixed at a later date. This regulation exists to try to reduce the increasing number of stray animals in the local area.


Working hours

Every day (including weekends and holidays)

Visiting hours (including weekends and holidays)

All animals in the shelter receive full veterinary care, starting from the initial arrival check up to all treatments or operations they might need. Each animal has its shelter code, health chart, microchip number, name and photo documentation.

The shelter's mission is to provide full care for all abandoned, mistreated and neglected dogs and cats in Split-Dalmatia County by cooperating with each municipality. NO KILL animal shelter, as a social enterprise, offers services to the local municipal governments in order to help them obey their legal requirements towards the abandoned animals in their area. Since no facility of its kind ever existed in Split-Dalmatia County, Animalis Centrum recognized a huge need for animal care service.

The shelter is open everyday and is a true center of animal interest and welfare. Visitors are always welcome!

The Bestie Foundation protects the rights, promotes and finds homes for the residents of the NO KILL shelter Animalis Centrum, paying special attention to the quality foster care process, support to potential foster parents and veterinary support to its protégés.

Animalis Centrum n♥ kill shelter Location:

Ivana Pavla II 47A, 21212 Kaštel Sućurac