Adoption Terms

Below we bring the Articles of the Bestie Association Agreement in order to transparently state all the conditions of adoption!

Article 1

The adopter undertakes to keep the adopted animal in the agreed conditions and in accordance with the Animal Protection Act (OG 135/06) and other regulations governing the keeping and welfare of animals. The adopter undertakes to feed and water the animal entrusted to it regularly, to protect it from cold and heat, to take it for a walk regularly, and to socialize it. The adopter undertakes to provide the adopted animal with regular vaccination against rabies and infectious diseases, as well as the provision of veterinary care, in case of illness or injury, to treat against external and internal parasites and take care of it in accordance with the Animal Protection Act (Art. 48/06) . The adopter undertakes to castrate the animal. If it is a puppy or kitten, castration must be done at the age of 6 months. The Association ensures castration at a more favorable price with a veterinarian appointed by the Association.

Article 2

The adopter undertakes to inform the Association in the event of any change (change of the adopter's address, disappearance or death of the animal, etc.), and within 24 hours at the latest. The adopter undertakes to immediately inform the Association in case of impossibility to keep the animal, and that in agreement and with the consent of the Association, the adopted animal will find a new home or provide temporary accommodation until re-adoption. If the animal is returned to the care of the Association, it is returned with a fee of 1000.00 kuna, which is appropriate to the costs that the Association has invested in the animal. It is forbidden to voluntarily give the animal to someone else.

Article 3

The adopter must not abuse the animal, keep it isolated or on a leash, keep it in a box, use it in hunting, use it for fights, incite other animals or people, educate it using physical force (beat it) and leave it unattended in public places.

Article 4

The adopter undertakes to allow the Association access to his apartment or yard, in order to convince the Association of the appropriate conditions of detention. If the Association determines inappropriate housing conditions, the adopter undertakes to return the adopted animal to the Association immediately and without any compensation, and waives any rights to the animal.

Article 5

From the moment the animal is taken over, the adopter is fully responsible for its safety. From the moment the animal is taken over, the adopter is fully responsible for any possible damage caused by the adopted animal due to his negligence, and he undertakes to fully compensate it.

Article 6

The Bestie Association guarantees assistance to the Foster Carer with advice on the education and socialization of the animal and the storage of the Foster Carer's private data.

Article 7

This contract is made in two identical copies, of which each contracting party keeps one copy. In agreement with the provisions of this contract, the contracting parties sign it in their own handwriting.

Additional information

Additional 1

The Bestie Association adopts animals exclusively with pre-control of conditions. With the great help of the Association of Sisters from all over Croatia, the animals found happy homes in many other places in Lijepa naša, not only in Zaprešić and the surrounding area. The Bestie Association also successfully cooperates with animal protection associations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland during foster care, which are extremely helpful in the process of pre-control and subsequent control of adopters. All foster care is documented, both by the Foster Care Agreement and by numerous emails and photographs that foster carers regularly send us. Photos of new happy families can be found in the album Successful foster care. When fostering, we are always available for all information, feel free to contact us with all questions. Every foster care is a blessing, but also a responsibility, both for us as an Association that bears the burden of deciding whether it has chosen a good home for its protégé, and for a future adopter who we believe is aware that the decision to adopt is not only a pleasure but also a future long-term obligation. another living being.

Additional 2

We do not differentiate potential adopters by place of residence (city or village), by gender, financial income or hair color, but only by whether they will meet the Contractual obligations. Any breach of contractual obligations entails sanctions - confiscation of the animal.