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Zaklada za zastitu zivotinja "Bestie", Split
IBAN: HR9324070001100371229
Bank: OTP Bank

Material donations

a wish list of things we always need

  1. Used towels, blankets and linens( no need to buy new ones
  2. Puppy food (dry and wet food, gastrointestinal special food
  3. Adult cat food (dry and wet
  4. Adult dog food (dry and wet
  5. Collars, harnesses, leashes (we often go to walks and it is never enough
  6. Cat sand
  7. Medicines, anti flea products, dog & cat vitamins
  8. Kitten starter food, kitten milk formula
  9. Waterproof pads for puppies
  10. Various tools (hammers, brooms, gloves, brushes etc.
  11. Cleaning and disinfection products
  12. Dog toys( or make your own dog toys, many ideas available online