Report an animal in trouble in the Split-Dalmatia county!

If you find an animal in a public area unattended you should first try to keep the animal safe.
We do not recommend that you engage in capturing an animal if you have no experience or it looks dangerous to you or is moving in an area that may be dangerous to you.

When you have kept the animal, it is necessary to inform the municipal police of the area where you found it. Namely, according to the Animal Protection Act NN 102/17, Article 62, each unit of local self-government, headed by its (city) mayor, is obliged to ensure the placement of an abandoned animal in a shelter established by itself or in a shelter with which it has established cooperation. Also, the municipal police have the legal tools to enforce this law.

At the following link you can find telephone contacts of all local government units in the Split-Dalmatia County, and it is recommended that you inform them about the case by e-mail. The communal police will, as soon as possible, organize an inspection of the factual situation on the ground and, if necessary, hire a shelter for abandoned animals.

If you encounter problems in this procedure, please fill out our form and our experts will provide assistance.

Stray(Abandoned) Animals

How to recognize a Stray(Abandoned) animal?
not wearing a collar or harness
not in a good condition( skinny/dirty)
not approaching people easily
not microchipped

Lost(Owned) animals

How to recognize a lost(Owned) animal?
Has a collar
approaches people
in a good condition
answers to commands

Mistreated(abused) animals

How to recognize mistreated(abused) animals?
chained/ closed on a private property
without shadow for sun or cold
no access to food/water
has injuries
not walked regulary